Hi, I’m Rossel Bertoldo (23 years old) and I’m a young freestyler from south west of Sardinia, to be precise from the island Sant’antioco, where I put my first foot on a windsurf board.

I was 16 when my parents decide to move from Milan, to this beautiful island and the beginning for me was not so easy. I leaved  my friends, my basketball team, and all my parents….in short I leaved  my life.

I didn’t know what was windsurf, and I didn’t know what was freestyle for sure, and till the age of 18 I continue to play basketball in Carbonia (near S’Antantioco) .

18 giuly 2008 - This is the day in which my life has changed…

I was in the east side of lagune of S’Antantioco e was really hot….6-7 knots of mistral, hot water  and my first board was a Starboard 107 from 2007 all surrounded by a lot of stinging jellyfish.

It’s hard when your coach is Gigi Madeddu…

Jellyfish help me because after 5 hours I was able to go straight and turn without fall…my legs were red and I felt a lot of pain but I was really happy.

Day by day I training hard and when I took I 90 lt tabou 2009 I did my first Vulcan.

 Windsurfing became for  me a kind of drugs and in 5 years I did a lot of progress, also because “sa Barra” my home spot it’s like a gym….the media of the wind in one years is around 240 day and flat water  is the best for learn the moves.

I want to say thanks also to all the friends of Windsurfing club like Fausto Mattana, Stefano Salemi, Nicolò e Michele tagliafico and Wolfgang Strasser how are always in the water whit me and they incite after all the crashes!!!

Two  month ago finally  I found a small sponsor and I want to say thanks to White reef, Matteo Spanu and Gigi Madeddu.


Please visit me or Gigi on Facebook and I hope that you will visit us in Sa Barra!


Hang loose,

Rossel Bertoldo

PS: You can contact me via Email: rosselb@tiscali.it

Website: www.windsurf-santantioco.com

Thanks to: White reef, windsurfing club sa barra and tabou



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