Red Bull Stormchase Tasmanien

The most incredible day of windsurfing ever seen

Tasmania really turned it on with two days of mind-blowing windsurfing action for the second mission of windsurfing’s most-challenging contest. After three more rounds of competition on the second mission day in over 45 knots of wind and double mast-high surf, Thomas Traversa, Dany Bruch, Leon Jamaer and Marcilio Browne qualified for the third and final mission, where the ultimate Red Bull Storm Chase Champion will be crowned.

Red Bull Storm Chase, Results Second Mission, Marrawah, Tasmania:
1. Thomas Traversa (France)
2. Dany Bruch (Germany)
3. Leon Jamaer (Germany)
4. Marcilio Browne (Brazil)
5. Julien Taboulet (France)
6. Victor Fernandez (Spain)

The top four sailors from the second mission will compete in the third and final mission.

Remaining Red Bull Storm Chase competition grounds (1 will be visited):
Brittany, France
Cape Hatteras/US-East Coast, USA
South West Coast, Iceland
Omaezaki/South East Coast, Japan
Galicia, Spain

Contest Period: July 22 – December, 2013

About Red Bull Storm Chase
Red Bull Storm Chase is the most-challenging windsurfing contest of all time, with a waiting period that started back in August 2012. By hunting down 3 massive storms around the globe, ten of the world’s best sailors entered the battle for the crown of ultimate storm windsurfer. Extended into 2013, the competition is split into two parts in accordance with the main global storm seasons. Between January 10 and March 22, 2013, ten courageous windsurfers nominated via public voting were on standby to hunt down one massive storm at seven previously nominated destinations. Four of the original fleet were eliminated during the first mission in Brandon Bay, Ireland, at the end of January. From July 22, 2013, the six remaining windsurfers have been waiting for the second mission. Out of these six athletes, four emerged as qualifiers for the third and final mission to crown the victorious Red Bull Storm Chase Champion of 2013. To catch raging conditions, the participants have t o be flexible-to-the-max during the holding period with just 48-hours to mobilise on-site before the next storm strikes.

More: www.redbullstormchase.comn

Photo Credits:
SM: Sebastian Marko/ Red Bull Content Pool
TI: Torsten Indra/Red Bull Content Pool)

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